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For those of you who don't like 7-zip's Win9x look...a nice free archiver from China, HaoZip:


As a bonus, it has a batch rename/replace tool, can do MD5 checksums, convert images, convert archives, merge MP3s (although I don't see when you'd want to do that), it has an image viewer, and skins. And an x64 version :D.

The English translation has some mistakes, however (but who cares?)


Skins (the page is in Chinese)

Piriform French translator

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Shame, shame, shame.


I don't want to talk about piracy here at the risk of breaking rules but here is how it goes. I have paid for my OS, all my softwares are freewares/open-source except for WinRAR where there doesn't exist a decent alternative. I am 17 right now, as soon as I start earning I will pay them for sure. :)


I don't want to think about how much music I have s.... *shakes head*

Simplicity is hard.

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Why don't you try HaoZip (or 7-zip if you want an English-compliant archiver)? 7z is better than RAR anyway.

GUI matters, and I'm just used to RAR. I'll get a job in say, 4 years. I shall definitely pay for everything I have ever 'stolen' then. I don't exactly feel too proud using dad's money for software.


Getting too off-topic methinks.

Simplicity is hard.

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