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Speccy Crash


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I was running Speccy v1.03. Although Speccy ran, the analysis was incomplete with many entries saying Unknown system error. So I downloaded and installed Speccy


When I run this version it crashes during analysis. I've attached a screen clip so you can see the state of the Speccy screen at the time of the crash and the APPCRASH details supplied by Windows.


I'm running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) on an Intel Core i7 920 with 6GB RAM. There are two ATi HD4870x2 cards running four monitors.


Any ideas?





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Start, Run, ( "c:\program files\speccy\speccy64.exe" /debug ) with quotes and without brackets.

Post the debugging data file for developers to inspect.


Richard S.

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Hi Richard,


As suggested one debug file generated and attached.


I've also added the text of the dump file generated by Windows in case that helps. I stripped just the text out of the dmp file as it was too large to upload as created.


Hope this helps,





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the style here is good-looking ... ;)


I have to verify the problem too. The installation (v1.8.0.218) is crashing. My OS is WinXP SP3. But the debug-file is empty !!! I can post nothing!




@skywriter is the log file empty too.


@glynyour logs is quite usefull I believe. A dev should reply soon that they are looking into this.


@all The developer read all threads and they will have a look at the attached files

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