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Just loaded 3.03 and Setup does not allow me to select the folder I want to use. I keep ALL of my Utilities in a folder by themselves. I think that this is a better approach than using the Programs folder. This was optional during setup until recently-please restore this function.

This condition also appears with 3.02.

System Specs include XP Pro SP3 running on Athlon 64 X2 3800+ w/2GB ram.

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I've just downloaded and tried the Installer from the File Hippo and the Piriform links, and the choice to browse to a customized location is still there, but you can only access it indirectly.


If you go straight through the install and leave the "Advanced" button alone, then there's no option to change install location.


If you select the "Advanced" button, and then select "Next", the "Browse" option appears. That can't be the way it's supposed to happen to I'll ask the devs.


Even if CCleaner is "remembering" your last install location, you should still have the option to change that without having to go through the "Advanced" page.


So install it by going via the "Advanced" button, or you can download the "Portable" version, and stick it in your chosen location.


CCleaner Builds:


Hope that helps.

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Thanks. Actually, my inelegant method is to let it install to the Program folder and then move it to where I want it. The only thing then is to change the "Target locations" in Properties for CCleaner-very simple but takes time.

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