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Best Order To Run Defraggler's Options

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Kind of new to Defraggler. Installed the latest version as of January 19th, 2011 and am running it now. Since the computer is 'busy' and being somewhat old-school i was reading the support docs and now have questions; what order would the more experienced users or Piriform people reccomend as far as the best order to run Defraggler's different features? Like, should i run it saving large files at the end with don't move them then do the page file (weird, but it looks like there are two of these - running XP Pro with SP3) and then defragment free space or is some other order or combo better? Please be as technical as you like and i'll hollar 'uncle' if its too much. Thank-you, all, JL

But i don't see a delete option so far

Came back to remove this post because of the previous poet: "Best Practice" or Cookbook for Defraggler But don't see a delete option

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