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My current security setup is using Avast! for anti-virus and the built-in Windows 7 firewall. I'd like to use a more advanced firewall, and was thinking about combining both AV and firewall into one piece of software. I know Comodo gets good reviews and they offer both a standalone firewall, and a combined AV/firewall for free. The idea of combined software appeals to me because of the potentially reduced memory footprint, and since I only have 1.25GB RAM, that's a good thing.


So I'd like some opinions from the trusted Piriform forum members. :) Here are my options:


- Keep existing setup of Avast! for AV and Windows 7 firewall for firewall

- Use Comodo firewall and Avast! AV

- Use Comodo for both firewall and AV (what I'm currently leaning to)


Thanks for the input!

Dell Latitude D600

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1



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I've used Avast Home Edition with Windows XP firewall for about 4 years now.


I've tried a couple of things during that time, but none have lasted more than a few days. This combination just works on my computer.


I've used this combo too along with Opera and have been satisfied. I tend to like and keep things simple though. I've tried Avira free, but keep coming back to Avast as the program just seems to work better for me and is more user friendly, IMO.

Great support on their forum too.


It really comes down to what you're most comfortable with. No AV is 100%.

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Have avast free & comodo firewall running on my most used home laptop .... all comodo on another I use a bit less


One that's all comodo is an older, lower spec XP laptop which definitely runs more smoothly at its manufacturer recommended maxxed out 2gig ram with comodo AV + firewall -- defense+ at clean PC mode (but initially run in training mode to avoid them pop-ups) & leave sandbox disabled unless trying out a new program

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Generally your current setup is adaquete for normal browsing behaviour. Adding Comodo Firewall will probably make it more secure but it is unnecessary for normal use. I don't think that Comodo AV+Firewall will do that much to reduce memory footprints.


Just stick with what you have or get a better firewall (e.g. Comodo, ZoneAlarm Free, Online Armor Free). If you don't like Avast! you can try Avira or Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) provided your copy of windows is found to be legitimate.


EDIT: Just wanted to say that, for me anyway in the brief stint when I used it, Comodo Firewall was pretty annoying as it would create continuous pop ups whenever I installed a program (Defense+) and would do so even when I turned Defense+ off.


If you're having memory problems you could try using Cleanmem (new version just released). It doesn't solve the problem of constrained memory but can make the memory go that extra mile. Found at: http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem

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On my Windows 7 computer, I've got MSE and just the normal firewall. On my XP computer, I have Avast 5 Free and also the normal firewall. I've never had any issues from not having an actual software firewall, so why start now? :P


If you want to reduce your memory footprint, then I suggest you go with Avira, mainly because it uses so little RAM when its in background. However, this does come as a cost, because Avast Free gives you a lot more extra features, even though it uses a bit more RAM. It's all up to you. :)


Also, the last time I used Comodo Firewall, I found it to be very annoying. It would never save my settings when I told it to unblock something, and it would ask me about everything all over again when my computer restarted.

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I'd say keep your existing setup.

The Windows Firewall isn't as bad as people want it to be - if you want to have some fun, type "firewall" in the Start Menu search box and click on the "Firewall with advanced security options" (or something like that) result. The GUI is not user-friendly, but you can do anything you want.

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