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Raymond Thomas

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Hello! I come here to report a bug after installing 88 windows updates.

I've made some screenshots, and here it is:

Hey i tried running the clean without the option "Close progam after cleaning" and it doesn't give any errors, besides when i close the progam it does :blink:





First error message



Second error message




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Uncheck Hotfix installers and see if the problem goes away

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Check if any of the Windows updates didn't install.


Do you mean that if you untick 'close program after cleaning' box you do not get the windows error and everything works normally?

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Are all 88 updates Microsoft Security Patches, or Microsoft Application upgrades, or other stuff including non Microsoft products, or an unholy mixture ?


Three facts :-


1. CCleaner uses a special shutdown - not a normal shutdown.


2. Some products and some Security Updates may be fully downloaded before Shutdown, but may defer installion until Shutdown - or during the next restart - I am no mind reader and Windows is beyond my comprehension ! ! !


3. Some such updates / installations / RunOnce Restarts may depend upon Temporary stuff that is placed where CCleaner will wipe them out.


Two Questions :-


a. Is it a good idea to run CCleaner at all between the download of updates/upgrades and the next restart of the P.C. following the Shutdown and some RunOnce on Reboot ?


b. If the installation is lying dormant and has hooked into the O.S. to be woken up and launched when the user attempts to shutdown, will that wake-up and launch be guaranteed with the special CCleaner shutdown ?



I especially avoid using CCleaner on the few occasions that I accept Patch Tuesday updates just to be sure that they have maximum chance of success;


And at all other times I ensure I close by running CCleaner with my special "include" of the Security Patch download location so that if Microsoft disobey my explicit configuration and download their "fixes" they get zapped, and upon reboot the computer wakes up the same as when I "put it to bed".



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