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mr don

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I hate how certain programs, such as AVG, insist on re-applying their icons back onto the desktop or start menu (usually after an update) as part of their state restore program!


As it currently stands, I can add the AVG desktop icon to delete, & I can drag the folder to be deleted from the start menu as well.

Trouble is, this just clears the folder contents & leaves a blank AVG folder in the start menu instead.


Any way to just simply add the ability to delete the entire folder?

I would be stupid to empty the entire contents of the start menu just to erase that empty folder.


There are other locations/files that may behave similarly as well.

Could we have the ability to delete folders in CCleaner as well?

I am sure the ability to empty folders & to delete files is nice, but really, what can you do if you can't get rid of trash folders altogether?



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Unless I've misread your request, you can already do that for the odd folder here and there using the "Include" feature.


Just select it from the drop down menu:




Hope that helps.

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