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Disappearing icons

mr don

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I noted that during a defrag, it sometimes happens that Defraggler appears to be reading from the same data block that it is writing to.



This can be very confusing, because the Yellow block always will layer on top of the Green block, causing it to appear that there isn't anything anything being written...


Perhaps you can make it a default in Defraggler that if Yellow is on the same block as Green, that Green is always the dominant color, not yellow?

Oh, wait, sometimes it is doing a read & write from a single block. So why not just do it a blended color that shows a color in between green & yellow?

Or use a blinking icon that alternates between green & yellow for these occasions?



I could be wrong on this, but it appears to be happening on defrags here. If anyone else knows or agrees, just post what you know here!

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