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mr don

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Thank goodness for the option to NOT backup registry changes to a PC. Sometimes, you are only testing & don't need it.


Is there a way to add an option within CCleaner options to Auto-Save registry changes by default?

Probably, the best location may be something like My Documents\CC-Registry...


This way, you can get rid of the annoying prompt to backup, while ensuring a backup is always made!

I love CCleaner but I would love to be able to autobackup the registry entries without having to have a prompt every time, or else no prompt but no backup!


I suggested adding the CC-Registry folder, because simply dumping registry backups to the My Documents doesn't help keep a computer clean. Do you realize what it is like to work on a PC with hundreds of such backups in the folder?


Well, just my 2 cents worth.

Holler at me & let me know if you would + or - the idea. Love hearing input.


Thank you!

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