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Need Router

Tom AZ

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Walmart have some nice wireless routers for $40 or less so I'm sure you'll find something relatively cheap.

I can't really recommend brands since I only own a LINKSYS WRT54GS router and it hasn't let me down yet.

A friend of mine recently bought a $40 Neargear for his laptop + Wii via Roadrunner and seems very happy with it.

There are other brands too but if you want feedback go to Amazon.com and read the product comment pages.


A few things to consider:

Connection type - DSL or Cable, if your modem has a ethernet port then you need a cable router.

Speed G or N - (N is backwards compatible with G and faster but can operate in the 5GHz band).

The top speed of Wifi G or N only applies to machines running in a local network.

if your broadband connection is 10megs then internet access via Wifi or G or N would still be 10megs.


Richard S.

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Another purchase option is to check out E-Bay or the Computer section of your local Craigslist. I've gotten some very nice LinkSys WRT54G wireless routers off both those site for $20 or less. I have found that brand & model to be less problematic than the rest.

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I bought myself a Belkin G Wireless ADSL Modem Router a while ago, and have had trouble free performance from it. Not worth supplying a link as the model is now discontinued.


While solving a problem recently which I thought was the Router and turned out to be my ISP, I received very prompt and very good service from their help centre.

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