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uTorrent temp torrent files cleaning


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I would like to suggest for CCleaner to add the ability in the applications section for the cleaner, the cleaning of uTorrent temp files, located in (Windows 7 x64 installation):








If torrents aren't removed by right clicking the torrent, and then selecting "Remove And" --> "Delete .torrent" then that folder can become full of torrent files.

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I don't know why it is said the "it is not safe to do so", since the provided link to the explanation is gone by now, but I guess it is because μTorrent uses some of these files.

FYI, there is a solution out there that "removes" only the TORRENT files that are not used by μTorrent:




It tries to work in a safe manner without affecting μTorrent, but still you have to take the risk of running an unsigned EXE downloaded from the web.

I hope this helps someone. The above link will provide more info.


Cheers! :)

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After 4 years I reckon all involved have moved on or just plain forgotten about it...

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