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Hi, I was wondering if support for uTorrent could be added.

uTorrent leaves behind copies of the torrent files you open with it in "C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Application Data\uTorrent\" in Windows XP (I don't know about Vista or 7)

Cleaning them out with CCleaner instead of manually would be great. Also, I'm pretty sure the devs can find more stuff to clean in uTorrent as well. Just a thought.

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CCleaner already cleans BitTorrent, therefore uTorrent as well since it's in the same detection key, but it doesn't remove any .Torrent files for very obvious reasons.


This is what CCleaner cleans:



Could be safely updated to include the uTorrent *.old files too since they're in the same detection key location of the registry.

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I don't know why it is said the "it is not safe to do so", since the provided link to the explanation is gone by now, but I guess it is because μTorrent uses some of these files.

FYI, there is a solution out there that "removes" only the TORRENT files that are not used by μTorrent:




It tries to work in a safe manner without affecting μTorrent, but still you have to take the risk of running an unsigned EXE downloaded from the web.

I hope this helps someone. The above link will provide more info.


Cheers! :)

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It's not "safe" to do so because people would "accidentally" delete unfinished but not currently downloading torrents (say if your torrent grabber is exited when you run Ccleaner)

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