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Cleaning Firefox with CCleaner very very slow

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Over a month ago I noticed that my CCleaner (3.02. 1343) was taking quite a bit longer to scan my computer. I isolated the delay to Firefox (3.6.13). When I completely removed Firefox from the CCleaner scan, the run time returned to normal (i.e. what I was always used to). My first question is - when was Firefox added to CCleaner?. It shows up as an application, but I really don't remember how long it has been in CCleaner. The last few days I have tried including/excluding various parts of Firefox in the CCleaner settings, and in general, it seems that each part of Firefox included contributes to the eventual overall slowing of the scan time.


Since I have been also having been unhappy with the speed of Firefox, I also did some troubleshooting on my browser. In Firefox, I disabled all add-ons and extensions. While these measures have increased the speed of Firefox browser, they did nothing to change the slow scan speed of Firefox by CCleaner. Can anyone shed any light on what may have happened within the past few months? I really don't know if the "problem" is real, or just a result of upgrades to either CCleaner or Firefox.


All comments welcome.

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Compact Databases ?

It would be that feature alone. It will only take longer if the SQLite database files need compacting, worth leaving enabled in my opinion since it will keep Firefox from slowing down eventually.

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