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Thunderbird Email client cookies and Geo location


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Hi guys, I posted this elsewhere and was directed to try posting the same here...


Not sure if these topics have been mentioned before, but the latest incarnations of Mozilla Thunderbird email client has an option in its preferences to restrict or not cookies.


Whether they equate to the same as web browsers, or some other storage method I dont know.


Anyway - Question, will CCleaner be detecting Thunderbird in future and offering to clean out that too? (it does not seem to at the moment)


Further question - Geo location; Is there anything stored locally with Geo location abilities enabled - If so can these be cleaned out with CCleaner?.


In both Firefox and Thunderbird (and presumeably Seamonkey) Geo location is on by default, and not easily disabled - In firefox you have to enter about:config in the address bar, say yes to the dragons, then type Geo in the filter box, then double click the Geo location entry to make it False.

In Thunderbird, among the preferences you will find a Config button which will pop up Thunderbirds equivalent of about:config then do the same as per Firefox.

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I recently noticed that Gmail knows where I live, with an error of only 4 miles.


I assume that from my IP address (dynamic but generally only altered twice a month) it can determine my ISP and quite a lot more.

Google probably knows which local telephone exchange holds the interface between my analogue telephone wires and the digital connection to my ISP.

Google may even have access to information on which IP address is connected via which telephone number.


I could be wrong, but I love a good conspiracy theory ! ! !



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Guys I dont know if this has been looked at its been a while since I popped in but ... You already have Thunderbird covered I think.


Just did a complete re-arrange of my HD, new partition layout and complete reformat, install win7 and setup from the ground ..


Long story short. CCleaner was one of the first utilities I installed, then watched for detections as I installed others




I dont have firefox installed - That was Thunderbird.


I think I have mentioned in the past elsewhere on the forum that I had firefox installed at one point and uninstalled it after switching to SRWare Iron - Yet Firefox was still being detected ... Now I know why, it was Thunderbird all along (I have not installed firefox at all this time round.


And yes cookies etc do get cleaned out with it, I dont have a screenshot of the run prior to the one above but there were quite a few entries cleaned for firefox after setting up Thunderbird.


Those five internet cache files you can see cleaned out I think can be directly associated with the five email addresses I have setup which are checked when Thunderbird launches :)

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The "Firefox" in CCleaner is a misnomer done in order to allow less skilled users understand what will be cleaned. Really "Firefox/Mozilla" is a Catch all for all Mozilla/Gecko Based softwares (including Firefox, Thunderbird (probably) songbird). It has been requested by others to at least separate Thunderbird from this pack (a feature change that I support) but it has not yet occurred.

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