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Explorer thumbnail cache not cleaned (Win7)

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After running CCleaner with the Explorer thumbnail cache option selected, I noticed that there were still some (rather large) files, in:


C:\Users\ <user> \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer


These files include:








I have tried running CCleaner as Admin, as the "User", and as user "run as administrator" -- but the Explorer thumbnail cache files remain. I am tempted to delete these myself, but there are also a couple of other system files in that folder with "etl" extensions that I don't know the purpose of, and would rather not mess with it unless I fully understood the consequences.



CCleaner v3.01.1327

MS Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

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Updated to v3.02.1343 and made sure all Explorer windows closed; ran CCleaner with thumbnail cache option -- same results (not cleaned).

Note: currently running as Admin on Win7 -- the "user" is other than Admin, could this be part of the problem?


Also, if I "end Explorer.exe" (taskmgr) won't that effect the desktop and/or simply restart Explorer?

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Hey, wait a minute -- I think I've got it...


Those huge thumb cache files are the result of the <user> exploring a large database of photos (1677 to be exact) earlier TODAY. I believe I have the CCleaner settings to ignore temp files newer than 24 hours -- Doh!


Go ahead and mark this one as "solved".

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