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Thunderbird Email client cookies and Geo location

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Hi guys, not sure if this has been mentioned, but the latest incarnations of Mozilla Thunderbird email client has an option in its preferences to restrict or not cookies.


Whether they equate to the same as web browsers, or some other storage method I dont know.


Anyway - Question, will CCleaner be detecting Thunderbird in future and offering to clean out that too? (it does not seem to at the moment)


Further question - Geo location; Is there anything stored locally with Geo location abilities enabled - If so can these be cleaned out with CCleaner?.


In both Firefox and Thunderbird (and presumeably Seamonkey) Geo location is on by default, and not easily disabled - In firefox you have to enter about:config in the address bar, say yes to the dragons, then type Geo in the filter box, then double click the Geo location entry to make it False.

In Thunderbird, among the preferences you will find a Config button which will pop up Thunderbirds equivalent of about:config then do the same as per Firefox.

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Just wondered if this thread is of any interest to you



CCleaner documentation can be found here


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If you suggest it in the CCleaner Suggestions area there's a goog possibility they'll add it. In the meantime, Thunderbird's cookie manager is essentially the same as Firefox's. You should be able to configure it to delete the cookies you want to delete.

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