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Run CCleaner like this. -> CCleaner.exe /AUTO /SHUTDOWN



CCleaner runs silently and automatically, using the current set of saved options to clean the PC.

Windows then shuts down automatically.


Note: You cannot run /SHUTDOWN by itself. It must be preceded by /AUTO



P.S. Try creating a shortcut to CCleaner that will do what you want.


Right-click a blank desktop area, then choose New/Shortcut & paste in %programfiles%\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe /AUTO /SHUTDOWN

Click next & accept the default name CCleaner.


Right-click the new shortcut & rename it Clean and Shutdown (Or something easy for you to remember)


* Let us know if this works for you. I tried the AUTO in a shortcut & it works. Haven't tried the shutdown shortcut, but I imagine it will work too.

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