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Defraggler gave me backdoor trojan!


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Hey there. I downloaded and used Defraggler and CCleaner to help my computer run a bit faster. I use Windows Vista 32bit. After that i have been experiencing ALOT of problems:


- I have to use No Proxy in firefox as that wont connect to the internet.

- Repetetive security warnings that im infected.

- I tried to get the new version of AVG free which told me to remove the old version and to install the latest. Now i have no AVG because the new one wont install properly and i cant even uninstall it either.

- World of Warcraft fails to launch saying 'Launcher cannot obatian patching information. Please check your Internet Configuration' Yet i am connected to the internet.

-Ive tried a system restore to the time before i downloaded Defraggler and CCleaner, it worked for a little but every thing gone wrong now.


Basically mostly any application concerning internet connection has been affected.

I can only narrow this down to when i used Defraggler and the Backdoor Trojan detected called Cycbot.B (Win32/Cycbot.B)


If anyone can help me i will be grateful i wanna get this stuff sorted asap. As nobody likes getting this days after their birthday.

Thank You

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Downloading Defraggler will not have given you a backdoor trojan unless you downloaded it from an unauthorised site.


Follow what steps you are able to from here and post whatever logs you manage to do from the steps listed.




Support contact




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I would check to see if you have a rootkit infection.


I have seen similar things happen on systems infected with TDSS rootkits.

To remove AVG so you can install the new one, you may have to download the AVG uninstaller program they produce & run it.


The TDSS rootkit may be removed by malwarebytes with updated definitions, or ComboFix.

It may go by Alureon, TDSS, or TDL3.


It may be a good idea to check your system hosts file for hijackers as well.


Take a look here before beginning to get an idea of some good tips: -> http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=20214


* If you have trouble running things in Windows, it may be a good idea to press F8 key right after power on till safe mode options come up, & run your malware removal programs from there. Selecting with networking will give you internet access so your anti-malware programs can update before launching.

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