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I like how the registry cleaner is in CCleaner, but I wondered how it would be to provide a second, alternative view in the CCleaner Registry cleaner.


I really wish CCleaner had the option to lay the Registry checkmark boxes out like this:








The reason I am suggesting this, is sometimes I don't really want CCleaner to clean the classes section. Or perhaps not the current config, etc.

I would LOVE a way to unselect a registry hive for CCleaner to clean or not clean. This would help increase the integrity of the registry by totally avoiding the cleaning of certain hives, no matter what a user selects to clean in the clean options.


Maybe this could be placed above:


[ ] Missing Shared DLLs

[ ] Unused File Extentions, etc, etc, etc....


This way, not ONLY could a user select what to clean, they could select the location they needed cleaning as well. User could keep normal options checked for example, but skip the registry hives CLASSES, CURRENT_CONFIG, etc, depending on their needs for registry integrity. This truly would increase registry safety in cleaning since certain hives could be skipped altogether!


In fact, I would LOVE a way to not just skip a hive, but be able to branch it out & select certain places in a registry hive to prevent CCleaner from cleaning.

Say you wanted to clean under [ ] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, but all you wanted for CCleaner to clean is the software section (So you would unselect HARDWARE, SAM, SECURITY, SYSTEM.) This would be pretty near the ultimate control over a user registry.


Having the option to select what TYPE of junk to clean is nice. VERY nice. But if a user could also select the HIVE they clean, or even a specific part of a hive, wouldn't that be even better?


Having the hives listed above the regular options would make it sooo simple to select hives to clean (or not to!), followed by what type of sections to clean!


Feel free to + or - this idea....


P.S. I'd also love some way to find as you type search for a registry key...


Thanks, guys! Let me know what you all think!

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