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[Feature Request] IncludeKeyX

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I?m switching machines quite a lot, and thusly use CCleaner (v3.01.1327) from a portable USB disc.


Some libraries leave files in the user?s profile (%USERPROFILE%) and application data (%APPDATA%) areas, which I?d like to clean out after working on the machine. Here?s an example from the well-known libdvdcss (nothing illegal), used by DVD player software like VLC media player, xine-based players, and MPlayer:


All these leave information about the watched DVDs in

%userprofile%\.dvdcss (i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\Moonbase\.dvdcss\whatever)


%appdata%\dvdcss (i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\Moonbase\Application Data\dvdcss\whatever)


To clean them out, I could of course add the absolute (i.e., user?s) paths like these in the advanced section. Only, they vary between the different Windows versions, and also the user names vary.


Now we already have a mechanism that expands system variables in paths for the "ExcludeKeyX" in ccleaner.ini, and I should very much like to see something like "IncludeKeyX" to be able to add this kind of paths into ccleaner.ini and be able to leave a system "junk-free". Or, preferably, a means to directly enter the variables in the "advanced include" section of CCleaner.


What do you think?


With CCleaner v3.01.1327, I already tried the following to make it work, though without avail (all in ccleaner.ini):


(App)Custom Folders=True








I used both lower and upper case versions of the variables (which, by themselves, work, i.e. when entering them directly into the Windows Explorer).


Thanks for considering, and thanks for a lot of great software like Speccy and CCleaner!

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