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Cookies and subdomains


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Here is the context:

Internet Explorer 8, Windows Live Messenger 2009, Firefox 3.6.12 are installed.

I remove all cookies, cache, etc. in IE and Firefox.

I start WLM, log in, click on the e-mail icon. Firefox opens. I enter login/pass, check both "remember blah" checkboxes, then log in. Now I am on my Hotmail start page. Right now, I close Firefox and WLM. Then I delete all IE cookies, in order to delete cookies created by WLM.


The only thing I have now is Firefox cookies related to Hotmail authentication. As you may have guessed, the idea is to whitelist them in CCleaner "cookies to keep".


When I previously did this procedure some time ago, I got these four domains in the "cookies to keep/delete" list:






I did the same procedure today, now there is also a fifth domain:



In Firefox, if I look at its cookies list, there are domains live.com, login.live.com, mail.live.com, msn.com, but no secure.shared.live.com


If I tell CCleaner to keep all four first domains but to delete the fifth, it seems no cookie are deleted.

If I tell CCleaner to delete all four first domain but to keep the fifth, there is no cookie remaining.


I cannot even find this secure.shared.live.com...


Thank you for your help,



OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit

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In Firefox, when you open the cookie manager and display the list of cookies did you click the little + sign to the left of each entry and expand the list? If not, try that. If you don't see secure.shared.live.com listed then go through and click each sub-entry and see if it shows up in the area below as either Host or Domain. If so, I'd just keep it. It's related to one of your others you're keeping. I noticed CCleaner doing that with one of my cookies. For a long time it never showed it then suddenly it started showing it. I don't think CCleaner's capable of selectively deleting sub-cookies, it might be but I've never been able to figure it out. :)

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