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When I start Hotmail first thing in the morning it takes a long time before I get the log in page. After that it is much quicker. I am wondering if it is because the log in page is being deleted each night when CCleaner is run. Is there a way to exclude just that page?

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First you'd have to know if the page is being cached to your hard drive. Being a login page I doubt it is, but if it is you'll have to locate it in your browser's cache then enter its path in CCleaner's Exlude list (Options/Exclude). More than likely it's stored in memory cache which is deleted when you close the browser.


You could experiment. Open the login page and login. Then close the browser and reopen it. Go back to the login page and see if it loads quickly. If it does, it's probably cached on you hard drive. Then close the browser and run CCleaner. Go back to the login page and try it again and see what happens.

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