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CCleaner Install Arguments / Parameters


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I have searched but could only find results for the /Auto , /shutdown , and /S switches. Is there any installation arguments that could be used to deploy CCleaner over the network WITHOUT;


"Add Desktop Shortcut"

"Add Start Menu Shortcuts"

"Add Run CCleaner option to Recycle Bin..."

"Add Open CCleaner option....."

"Automatically check for updates"


I know that the slim version eliminates the toolbar, but the added functionality of switches or arguments for the above settings would be very helpful.

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CCleaner is a free product.


There are recent options along with the downloads to pay and have instant access to the developers.

This does not change the functionality of CCleaner,

but it should get you more rapid feedback from the people that know the product.


You have referred to control switches that are run-time arguments, and forum members can advise on these.


You seem to require corresponding control on the company wide installation.


If your company pays for support your product installation request may carry more weight.



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