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How do i get rid of these sites in history!


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Basically, when i click on history, and then click the search button in the history column (on the left of my screen), and type in random letters into the search box in history, a list of sites come up which are still saved onto my computer. These sites are from ages ago, things like banking sites (nationwide.co.uk) and continous ebay things ive looked at, just many random sites from nowhere. i dont know why these are saved, some of them ive never even had as favourites in the past. i do not know why the computer has saved them.


before the problem was that, i was typing an adress in the address bar, and usually a list would drop under the address bar which shows previous sites and history, and these particular probklem sites would also appear in them. i stopped this by clicking on autocompete.


however, the problem is still there and these sites are still saved on my computer somehow. This is proved, as when i click on history, there is nothing there, but when i start searching for sites in the history, a whole list of these sites will come up. ive tried deleting them, but they will not disappear. the properties of these sites state that they are simple 'internet shortcuts?'.


Ive tried deleting my cookies, histtory, temp internet files. Ive ran adaware, CCleaner, tweaknow reg cleaner, i just wanna delete thesse sites, but where can i find them in windows or woteva, and just delete them


this has been a problem for a while now. and its quite urgent that i delete them. if anyone has any information at all i would hugely appreciate it. im quite an amateur at computers, and do not know much about them! so am having a bit of trouble. i even messed with the registry (i didnt really know what i was doing) and deleted some of the url history from there, but no luck. anyone?





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In your CCleaner have you ticked the "Delete index dat files" ? They are files embedded in your pc. Restart pc and try again.See if that fixes it.

If not you may have corrupt files in your history if you have meddled with the registry. Write to microsoft.com and explain that you may have a corrupt file in history and you want to "rebuild the index file" This happened to me a couple of years ago.They wrote back with instructions, and it cleared my mess up. Good luck! :rolleyes:

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Ive tried that, it didnt do it. Im pretty worried about emailing to microsoft.com?? HOw do i do this?? And how do I explain it lol.


Im really getting to my wits end, and really scared. I need to delete these sites. Cant believe its so hard to delete them. whats keeping them saved in that history folder???


anyone with any information please contact me?? pls im desperate lol. thanks guys

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