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how do I send (ONLY:) pagefile.sys & hiberfil.sys to the end of the disk?

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sorry if this was discussed before, I'm in a public place where my online time is limited to 1 hour.


my problem/wish:

I was playing around with the defragger to get my swap & standby/"suspend to disk" files defragged to the end of the disk/partition - both files are bigger than 300mb, so I clicked and setup "move files bigger than": 300 "to the end of disk" , inserted *sys-files (for pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys) and also activated "boot on defrag" for everytime but somehow it did not work out - where is my/the error?

could anybody please advice me?

thanks a lot!


and I would really like to have defragger working as a screensaver - so it does the job while my

laptop is not needed - would this be possible please?



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Why do you want to send pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys to the end of the disk this area is known for poor read/write performance??


As for lack of defragging the 2 files they're probably being ignored by Defraggler or are currently locked by the Operating System.

If you want to defrag pagefile.sys you could use Sysinternals PageDefrag although this won't move large files to the end of the disk.


Richard S.

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And just as inefficient, if not slightly more so!


Not necessarily, you can create more than 1 extra partition and have pagefile.sys reasonably close to multiple Windows installs (say Vista & Win 7 upgrade), with it shared between them. With a good amount of RAM eg) 4GB the pagefile may not even be used very heavily.


Having a partition at end of disk, for all those huge media files and downloads, and less heavily used data, would actually be much more effiicient, at price of added complexity of not having everything in one huge C: drive.

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There's no difference having pagefile.sys on the main drive at the end of the disk or a partition at the end of the disk with pagefile.sys.

The drive performance is at it's lowest (you can check this with HD Tune's benchmark test) not to mention the fact that performance is further degraded by the read/write head swinging back and forth to access pagefile.sys and files at the start of the drive.


The best place to store pagefile.sys is on another hard drive preferably with it's own partition at the start of the disk.


Richard S.

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