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Choppy web page scrolling!


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What i mean is, if I move the mouse wheel, or the scrolling tabs (on the page) or the arrow keys, the page just keeps hopping up and down, actually losing control of it until it stops. Albeit, I only have a Pent 4, XP SP3 system. The desktop is hardwired to a Linksys WRT54G router. A long time ago I installed a VisionTek X1550 PCI card (motherboard can't accept PCI Express) and my LCD monitor is attached to it. My cable modem speed is 5mbps which I generally do test at that or even slightly better. This problem has been around for years and only occurs with certain sites. Perfect example is at V3.co.uk. So is there any Firefox, graphics card or monitor setting that I could change to rectify this behavior? If there is, I'm going to kick myself for not asking this question years ago! Thank You!

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Choppy video / behaviour would suggest your CPU is being pegged either by background applications, high interrupts (i.e. PIO mode IDE transfer mode), poorly written drivers or poorly coded software like Adobe Flash as used in the web site v3.co.uk.


Are you using XP generic video drivers or using the ones supplied with your graphics card??


How fast is your Pentium 4 CPU??


Richard S.

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I don't know if it will fix anything, but perhaps enabling 'Use Smooth Scrolling' in Firefox will fix the issue, I don't think it's enabled by default:



If not, check your mouse hardware settings, it may also have a smooth scrolling feature.

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