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Rob Pitt

Redirection of th eStandard Output from the command line DF/ DF64.exe

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Hi guys,


The following issue is present in both v1 and the new v2 beta.


There's something a bit odd about the way the command line utility emits it standard output.

Specifically if an attempt is made to redirect the output, even trivially via DF C: > C:\log.txt

then no output is written until the end when the process terminates.


Quite why this might be I'm not sure as I would have expected the default stdout buffering to flush after every newline, but that isn't the behaviour I see.


Anyway this is an annoyance as it prevents you from monitoring the progress of DF when running it in a scripted/automated environment.


If you could fix this it'd be great (also an option to abandon the defrag after a set number of minutes would be cool).





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