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I have tried to defrag the System Volume Information files several different ways and nothing seems to work. These files are 23 Gb in size and are 9 files with 55 fragments showing 19% fragmented. The largest file is over 8 gigabytes. Just how do I defrag these files?

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you cant defragment the system volume information files, they are the ones that come up as red when you analyse a drive & the bulk of them will be restore points.

You wont need all these restore points so best thing to do is delete them, keeping most recent few --- I use Ccleaner to do this from time to time .. tools>system restore and delete all but the most recent 2 or 3 points.

NOTE OF CAUTION: only delete these points if your computer is running smoothly

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You can defrag SVI the problem is Administrator accounts have no access rights to this folder, you can however add accounts with full read/write access by tweaking SVI's security permissions.

If you want to flush the contents of SVI then turn off / turn on System Restore or use CClean to delete restore points.

To be honest Defragging SVI is rather pointless because this folder is being constantly updated with new restore points and deleted old ones.


Richard S.

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Exactly, we defrag the disks to speed up read access to regularly used items. Hopefully we won't be using the "System Restore" points at all, so it makes sense to ignore them.


May be the real problem, is that Defraggler includes such in the "Fragmentation %", similarly a 10 GB file stored in 2 multi GB chunks may massively increase the reported fragmentation, despite a neglible effect on read performance.

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