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Hello to everyone on the forum. This is my first post and I want to mention a few things about CCleaner 3.00.1310, last version. Seems to me that is slower than previous ones.

The last time I use mostly Google Crome for surfing, and a bit is annoying when you start CCleaner, and he start to clean Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera installed on my system, which wasn't opened.


Is it possible to arrange CCleaner in following updates to be smart enough to see that some browsers are not opened and there is nothing to clean.

So he will do faster his job.

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Internet explorer's engine (trident) is used by various parts of the operating system and many softwares. Thus even if you never open internet explorer it will always have temporary internet files to clean


as far as firefox and opera ccleaner may detect them and check them but (unless there is output on the results page for those items) nothing has been cleaned.


CCleaner uses a very simple approach to know what (of the hundreds of softwares it can clean) is on a PC. It uses an open source detect and list method. It see that firefox and opera are on your machine so it gives them in your applications. It has no way (and well should not) of knowing how recent since a software was loaded. If you don't want those items cleaned, you can uncheck them and they won't be scaned or cleaned.


CCleaner (on a run on roughly a weekly basis) only takes seconds on my machine. Though I have other software removing my internet cache, this should still be the case. Make sure that Wipe Free space is not checked off (as this takes a LONG time to do and is not safe for your Harddrive to run often) and that your a (at most) only securly deletign with one pass, this should greatly speed ccleaner up.

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