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Ccleaner Drive wiper


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I presume you've had no trubbs with CC Drive Wiper previously, that you set it to wipe OS(C:) free space 1-pass, and that it was running fine and suddenly the monitor blanked. Correct?


Fill us in on any more details you have, like did you reboot the pc and all else is well, etc? I'm trying to fathom the issue with the little info you provided. :)

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I set drive wipe to clean the MFT and C free space 1 pass, Everything was fine until I rebooted then I got a black screen. I believe it has something to do with the display driver as the keyboard flashes, I have sent for a XP Pro boot recovery disk but not sure if that is going to help

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Are you able to access your pc at all?


Safe mode?


Is it a laptop or pc?


Have you tried a different monitor?


Do you have data you need on this machine? If so boot from a linux live cd and copy over your data to an external drive or large flash drive.


Your data has to be number one priority then after that we try other things.


Here is an expanation on how to do this here, don't be overwhelmed just read it through a couple of times.


How to make the livecd





How to use it....




CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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Everything was fine until I rebooted then I got a black screen.

Did the Drive Wiper run through to a normal conclusion,

and was the computer then running normally under your control until you chose to reboot,

or did the Drive Wiper do stuff until it concluded with a reboot and disaster ?

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OK thanks for your help. It appears the problem is my monitor or the monitors power supply.. I pulled the plug on the computer and monitor and let it sit for 24 hrs. IT is a Planar monitor and has an external power supply. It booted up and ran fine for about 4 hrs then went blank again. I am going to try another power supply and if that does not work Ill pick up another monitor.. I suppose it was just a coincidence that after I ran drive wiper and rebooted the screen went blank. I an drive wiper on this laptop and everything works fine. Sorry for the false alarm...;)

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does the entire drive wipe remove windows? i need to know before trying because i dont have a functional disk drive


Detailed here what it does in this post:



There's also the docs site of what it does:



If you only wish to wipe free space and leave the Windows OS fully intact I'd recommend using Method 1 (Automatically wipe when cleaning) from the docs link above aka "Wipe Free Space" instead located in 'Options > Settings' where you select the drives to run it on, then you'd need to enable it in 'Cleaner > Windows (tab) > Advanced' by ticking Wipe Free Space. Remember to untick Wipe Free Space in 'Cleaner > Windows (tab) > Advanced' once finished so that it doesn't run everytime you run CCleaner.

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