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Cookie function not working


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Hello ForumBoard,


since last update to CCleaner 1.25.201, the "keep cookies" function does not work anymore: the left pane on the cookie window is always blank, so i can not select which cookies to keep. Versione 1.24 was working perfectly on the same system.


Can you explain to me what's happening?


Thanks, Nic :)

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Make sure your not cleaning your cookies before you try to save them.


hello rridgely,


thanks for your message.


i am sure of that: i just surf, then i open CCleaner before doing anything else, i go there to the cookie window, and the left pane (cookies to delete) is empty


what is it wrong?

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If you are using Internet Explorer, the following may be related:


Each cookie appears to "exist" in two ways:


1. the [username]@webaddress[1].txt file displayed in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Cookies


2. the Cookie:[username]@webaddress/ in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files (this appears to be a mirror of the index.dat rather than real files)


Check your two folders and see if the lists match.


The two lists normally match each other, but can go out of synch. I had that happen today and there were several .txt's in the first folder for which there were no corresponding items in the second folder.


I know the cause and it's not related to CCleaner but I found that only the "paired" cookies were displayed in the CCleaner Options > Cookies windows. Interestingly, when I ran CCleaner, it deleted all the .txt's in the first folder (except those selected to be saved in Options > Cookies).


I've seen this mismatch happen before but hadn't connected it to this "bug" with CCleaner.

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