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Program to tag .ogg files?


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I've been switching over all of my soundtracks from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis lately because of how much better the sound quality is, and how the file size is nearly the same as, if not smaller, then the original MP3 file (and this is with a higher bit rate too!). Only problem is, I need some way to tag them, since Foobar recognizes all of them under the same album, which makes it hard to find different soundtracks. I've found a few on Google, but I would like your opinion as to which one I should use.

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You can tag them with:

Foobar2000, MP3tag (which can tag just about anything and is what I use), Winamp with the Ogg Vorbis Plugin (in_vorbis.dll).


While I support the usage of OGG please be aware that not many portable players or hardware players support the format, which is a total shame. One advantage it has over even LAME is 100% gapless playback, sometimes even modern LAME builds don't result into perfect gapless playback.

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I'm buying the Sansa Sandisk Fuze which supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis at a much cheaper price than the Ipod and is better than the Ipod overall. How would I tag the files with Foobar, as that is my music player right now.

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To tag individual files in Foobar2000:

Right click a track, and select Properties.



To tag whole albums in Foobar2000:

Highlight all tracks in the album, and select Properties.



Also if you dump either oggenc.exe or oggenc2.exe in the Foobar2000 program folder, and let Foobar2000 rip your audio CDs to OGG it can automatically tag your files just like any other CD ripping software; Audiograbber, CDex, Exact Audio Copy, etc.




Also see these FAQ's for more detailed info:

*Foobar2000 FAQ

*Hydrogenaudio Wiki Foobar2000 FAQ


Edit 2 (you may find this to be useful info):

Question: Tagging Help


Q: How do I add additional lines to the Comment tag without it auto-closing?

A: Press on the keyboard:



Or if your keyboard has a Return key instead of Enter:



Note that this is the same behaviour as Mp3tag.

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