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Unable to recover

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Hi, recently i used Recuva.


Work's great but, Recuva find some file whitout a name, and i'm not able to recovery the file.


Error, "acces is denied".


Because windows doesn't alow file whitout a name,



Add the option like Rename the file before recovery that file.

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name of that file?

Recuva fine about 10 file without name

Documents.zip size about 70 Mb

windows 7 small.tib size about 5GB

others i don't know... why?


The solution are add a right clik option rename/add File name before recover. maybe is usefull for all file's but NECESSARY unamed files

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Although I am not 100% for sure, it could be that you are referring to password protected user accounts.

I will test Recuva later to see if it can recover from those.


I do know that Windows will deny access to files in password protected accounts, so it is possible that Recuva may as well.

It is not impossible to get around, because I know some programs that can definitely get around that.


I will test later to see what is going on.

Thanks for the headsup!

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Some information for u.

I use it an a Windows 7 Ultimate in English x64 bit processor.

Intel i7


2 hard disk 640GB each other.


I don't have any kind of password or any king of protection.

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