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Open Office!


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No worries, I'm glad someone around here appreciates my informative and very detailed posts.

Yeah, about as informative as me saying I live in England, pop in and see me. :lol:


CaPMan you need to get an avatar. I thought we had a new smart ass on the forum. :P

OK, I will use the same one that I use on Lunarsoft (just to keep it simple).

Btw, it is a pic of me a few years ago, wish I still had that much hair. :lol:

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I am using OpenOffice .org 2.0: I agree that it is great, especially the price! I have spent a little time looking for something that CCleaner (also great and the same price as OO.o!) could get its claws into. There is a file C:\Documents and Settings\ {username}\Application Data\OpenOffice.org2\user\temp. In the above, {username} represents a user account name. Nothing is in mine at the moment and I don't know how it is used, but it could be an entry point. I agree it might be nice to give OO.o the same treatment as MS Office.

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