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What do these asterisks mean?

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You need to add a footnote at the bottom of interface windows that explains the meanings of any asterisks that appear after the names of items in the lists.


As you can see in the accompanying screenshot, some of the items in the list under Applications cleaning have asterisks after their names, some of them don't.


There is nothing at all that I could find ANYWHERE that explains what these asterisks mean.


I checked help FAQ, I checked program documentation, I searched forums and found nothing that explains these asterisks.


I'm afraid to clean an item that has an asterisk after its name, because when I don't know what the asterisk means, I don't know what will happen if the item is cleaned or whether it's safe for me to clean that item or not.


Please in the next edition/update, add a footnote at the bottom of menuus where items have asterisks, that explain the meaning of those asterisks.

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In the documentation it shows how to create entries for programs you wished cleaned, and making them known to you by adding an asterisk.


We recommend that you use an asterisk in the application's name so that you can easily distinguish between default and custom applications in the INI file. The asterisk has no programmatic effect.



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