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Recovering from corrupt partitions

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Recuva is a great program.

It is really simple to use.



Can you add RAW mode support?

Reason: If a drive crashes during file copy/move operations, it can corrupt a partition.

The drive will fail to post a drive letter, or if it does, appears as RAW instead of NTFS or FAT32.


Currently, Recuva can't even see such a drive, but it would be nice to support recovering from:

RAW/Corrupted/Damaged/Deleted partitions & be able to restore a good copy of the NTFS partition if the drive uses NTFS.


I know this is possible because I have another tool that does exactly that.

But I'd rather simply use Recuva, if this feature can be added. B)





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I agree with the first part about raw. . . but again Sooo many words. . . especially for a request.


so +1 on RAW drive but all the rest. . . well I stopped reading so no clue :-/




(not trying to be mean but. . . come on son :P )

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You made a suggestion.....


I love the simplicity & ease of using Recuva.


Any way to add support for RAW mode drives, to search for & find deleted or corrupted partitions?


The rest of your 'thesis' was totally unnecessary.


Unless in future you stick to the point and stop rambling, your posts may have to be edited by moderators. Members are complaining about the length and content of your posts (when they manage to read to the end of one)

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RAW drive support is a good idea, but I too stopped reading after that. You really should slim down the wordcount though... If you just can't manage it, what about something along these lines, mr don?


"My idea is something concise."


Want a thesis on the topic? Click spoiler.


Large Amounts of text

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I think I've requested this feature last year in my suggestion list. :blink:

If Recuva could implement RAW recovery then this would certainly make it standout amongst the crowd of other crapware/freeware/trialware/commercialware tools.


Richard S.

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