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Recovery from an ethernet connection


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I'm a newcomer and my technical understanding falls off rapidly when it comes to networking. I use a La Cie edmini hard drive as a back up, connected directly to the router. I have to log in to get access. I have deleted some files which I should not have done and would like to use Recuva to look for them, but it cannot see the drive vi the router. I don't seem to have any means of accessing the relevant part of the drive by connecting via USB, when recuva can see it, but can not that part where the files are.


Does anyone have any ideas? Can I Install Recuva on the drive itself and run it from there? I do appreciate that installing it may prejudice some of the deleted files.


Are there any tweaks which will allow me access to all of the drive from a USB connection? When it is connected via USB I can see part of it from the cmd prompt, but not the part that is accessed via ethernet.


All ideas welcomed.


Many thanks,



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Try this:

Download the drivers for your USB device from: http://www.lacie.com/us/support/support_manifest.htm?id=10216


Then try to access it via USB on your PC.


Of course, it would help if you could provide what OS you are using.


Thanks for the input folks - but:

1. The USB connection appears to show a separate partition, and

2. The drivers are already up to date.


The operating system is XP, with all the service pack updates.


I need a way to get behind the partitioning so that the recovery software can see the whole disc and doesn't have the router in the way. Does anyone know any command prompts which can do this?



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