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Less than 10% free space?


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I'm using version 1.21.209 and when i start to defrag a drive that as a total of 232 GB with 162 GB of used space and 70 GB of free space.

When i start defragger it says that i have only 10% of free space witch is not true.

It is a bug ?



post-40331-039411900 1286732654_thumb.jpg

post-40331-074576200 1286732742_thumb.jpg

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Same 'problem' here. On a 10GB partition with 1.9GB free there's a message that less than 5% is available. This is in both the latest 1.x version as in the BETA.


Please have a look at this. It seems a bug because it does defrag.

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Hi Guys,


When calculating the amount of free space before defrag, Defraggler takes into consideration only the free space which is outside the MFT zone. We would not like to see any files moved into it, as it is the free space reserved by the system for future growth of MFT. It is allocated only if the remaining space (outside the MFT) is used.

As you can observe on the screenshot attached to the first post, the MFT zone may be pretty large.


Best regards


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