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CCleaner v1.25 - Change Log

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Morning all...


Here's the almost final change log. It should be released tomorrow once final testing is complete.



- Restyled the top of the main window.

- Removed Exit button.

- Added VBScript support to Ini files.

- Tools/Options section buttons now stay highlighted.

- Added Opera cookie cleaning.

- Updated to be compatible with Windows Vista.

- Fix bug in shortcut detection routine.

- Optimized registry scanner routines.

- Added Turkish translation.

- Updated Dutch and French translations.

- Minor bug fixes and optimizations.


For clarification the VBScript support will allow you to add entries to ini files in the format:




I've attached a screenshot of the slightly restyled interface. I got bored of looking at the old one all day. :)



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Where can I get v1.25?

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