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Drag\Drop to Secure Delete


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I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but I figured I would ask again. Would it be possible to add the ability to drag and drop files to the CCleaner window, temporary adding them to the selected cleaning list. Reason for, performing a quick secure delete.



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Like Winapp2.ini already stated, it has been reqeusted already (by me actually :P) see topic: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=29499&st=0&p=177071&fromsearch=1entry177071


As you say a drag/drop box for portable use was suggested there aswell (Just called it a shred box there) wich really is a good idea for the portable version.

If sayed box was added to the normal mode it would make it easier to use for basic users aswell but most people that even use privacy cleaners have atleast somee sort of knowledge of OS systems etc. so as Augeas stated creating a folder were you drag and drop stuff in will kind of work the same (eventhough you will leave behind traces of the files from moving them to sayed directory (a bit more advanced recovery utilities have the option to recover defragged disks aswell (wich basicly is moving around files in a "easy to find" order for your OS))), A drag/drop box (or shred box) should eliminate this though because the only thing the drag/drop (shred) box would do is detect the file(s) and the path they are on so it woulden't move around on your harddrive it would just delete it as it is.


The right click delete idea suggested in the above topic is for the normal program, a box would work aswell in my opinion it will be easier for alot of users (mostly beginners) to be able to select the file(s) they want securely deleted, right click and wipe with CCleaner or whatever they would want to call it in the dropdown menu :).


But again the Box is a good idea for the portable version, it might even be a nice addition to the "right click shred" function, just add a box you can tick if you want a shred box opening on startup of your normal Ccleaner.


Ah well atleast that's my idea :)





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