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[App Update] Avast 5.0.677 Released (Sept 7)

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[App Update] Avast 5.0.677 Released (Sept 7)


Both paid and free versions ?www.avast.com/security-software-home-office


Release History ?www.avast.com/release-history


* solved a problem that could lead to disappearing of the avast service

* Behavior Shield: solved a minor stability issue (aswSP.sys) + solved a Win7 issue

* performance and stability improvements in the avast! sandbox

* changes in the engine allowing us to generically detect/block some new types of exploits

* speed improvements in the updater

* IS: fixed a vulnerability in aswFw.sys (Secunia Advisory SA40868)

* solved a vulnerability related to license files (Secunia Advisory SA41109)

* solved a problem with scanning of files with very long path names

* fixed the updater in East-Asian versions of avast running with Windows set to a different locale

* IS: improvements in the Outlook antispam plugin

* IS firewall: improvement in the path name matching

* IS: upgraded to the new version of antispam engine

* minor changes and fixes in the GUI

* fixes in the screen reader support

* fixed a bug where the File System Shield was scanning some files even after being disabled

* added trimming of setup.log

* added Danish, Hebrew and Urdu language packs

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