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Selling Computer


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Hey i was wondering what a fair price fro my computer would be.


Here are some of the details


Motherboard-ASUS P4P800SE


Case-don't know


Hard drive- one 40gb and one 80gb don't nkow the company


Processors-Intel Pentium 4 3.4E 800MHz FSB Socket 478 Processor




Fan-Panasonic Panaflo FBA09A12H-1AZ 90mm Hydro Wave


Sound card- Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS Platinum


Graphics card-ATI Radeon X850XT PE 100-435601


Power Supply-ASPIRE ATX-AS520W BLACK 520W


Ram- 4 sticks of Kingston ValueRAM 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Dual


I would Ship it any were in the US.

Would any budy be interested in buying it and what do you think would be a fair price i would say like 2000 USD any body think it is worth more less?

If you are interested in buying it first post here and then PM me and i will tell you my email address and we can work from there.

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lol. ya i guess

I am getting this mobo


This processor


and 2 of these grahpics cards


do you think the processor will be good enough to play all games at highest?

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The current computer is already good enough to play pretty much all games.


Why build a computer just to sell it the next week and buy another? :D


button_b.png hydrogen2nr.png


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im contiuosly getting skeptical about my computer

I dont now if i should invest into getting an 939 amd 64 bit motherboard with sli.


my current computer is:


amd athlon 64 bit processor at 2.2 ghz

2g (2x1024) ddr 2 3200 ram GEIL

x800 radeon pci express video card

and im gonna sooon with my water cooler oc my processor to about 2.6-2.7


should i leave it the way it is and dont worry, or should i rebuild, i plan to play bf2 and other games that will demand a lot of power.

IPB Image


Insert random C4 joke here.

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actually im prolly not getting that graphics card, im prolly gonna get the x1800, so im gonna have it so that when i have the money it gonna be easy for me to upgrade, all i need is a new processor and mobo, but that will be way ahead in the future. At the current moment if i have all that together running bf2 wouldnt be a problem id be running it like it was nothing. I dont have bf 2 though, haah, not yet. Ill prolly get it around late december when i get everything else. My computer is gonna be pretty sick. And when i get my new mobo and everything ill make my old processor and s**t into a second computer so when people come over my houe we could lan. But again thats gonna be way in the future becuz i have a good processor now, and im content with it.

IPB Image


Insert random C4 joke here.

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also if any of you want to buy a good case and are on the east coast i suggest buying from xoxide.com, they have some great stuff, i oredered from them and said ground shipping,which for an 8 kg thing was $8.37 to Va, (ground shipping is 6-21 days) it took 2 days to get to me, they rushed it out to ups, they are very speedy and reliable.

IPB Image


Insert random C4 joke here.

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