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Bug with AVG 9.0 - deletes 'last scan date'


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This is a bug I found -


on my PC, with Win XP (and I have a dial-up connection), I had AVG 8.5 and used PCCleaner, and these worked fine together.


Recently, I uninstalled AVG 8.5; and then installed the newer version of AVG 9.0 - when I started it for the very first time, AVG insisted on doing a complete PC scan. I did this. The AVG interface was then updated with the 'date last scan' as that day's date.


Then later, when I used PCCleaner, it deleted about 90 MB of AVG files, and also it seems it deleted the value in the 'date last scan'.


So...The next time I started up my PC, AVG interface shows 'never been scanned' and it insisted again,for the first time, it must scan the whole PC, which it did. This takes a very long time. It then updates the date for 'last scan date' to today's date.


Then, once again, after using PCCleaner, it removes the value of the date.


So, either I keep all extra 90 MB of AVG files and don't clean them up, to keep my 'last date scan'....or, I clean up my files with PCCleaner, and have to do an entire PC scan every time I started it up.


The bug: PCCleaner should clean up excess files, but keep the 'last scan date' value used by the AVG interface menu.


Has anyone else run into this bug? any advice?

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Are you using PCcleaner (PCC) or CCleaner ? Ccleaner is MUCH better !


It seems one or two parts of CC are incorporated in PCC. I ran PCC and one or two parts had the feel and look like of CC. I think the Piriform folks should check whether PCC (http://www.pccleaner.com/) is using programcode designed/used by Piriform.

System setup: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/gcNzIPEjEb0B2khOOBVCHPc


A discussion always stimulates the braincells !!!

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