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What to do with CCleaner on SSD


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Did you say do not use CCleaner too often on a SSD? What is wrong with getting off the cookies and other junk on there like whats on the trash bin everyday?


Is it OK to clean out the Registry once a week?


Well, SSDs have limited reads and writes, so using CCleaner everyday will "kill" the SSD faster.

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I would also agree that you don't run Wipe Free Space (it will work on SSDs, but is rarely necessary. I have never run it). You can't defrag an SSD, and neither can you run secure file deletion, so don't run either of those options.


How often to run CC? Difficult to say as we don't know your usage. Run CC's Analyse option now and again. If you are not generating too much junk in a week, then try a fortnight, etc. You really want to get a balance between not building up too much junk and running CC as little as possible. I'm sure I could go for a month without collecting 1 gb of junk.

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