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analyze then reanalyze before clean

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I have been using CCleaner for some time now and I have been very satisfied with its capabilities.


I have noted recently that I will get a large multimegabyte result on first run of analyze. Not believing my eyes, I run another analyze, and I see the result as less than one megabyte.

Anyone care to comment?


(Moderator: I am not sure where this post should go, so move it if necessary.)

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You need to identify what is missing. on the second analyse.


I suggest that you right click on the analysis results and use the Save to Text option to CC_1.txt

Then do the second analyse and again Save to Text, but to CC_2.txt


It might be interesting to avoid cleaning until you close CCleaner and re-launch CCleaner,

and then do another two analyses, saving to CC_3.txt and CC_4.txt

It would be interesting to know if CC_4.txt was the same as CC_2.txt,

and even more interesting to know if CC_3.txt was the same as CC_1.txt or CC_2.txt


You can compare the two CC_1.txt with CC_2.txt and tell us what vanished,

or just attach CC_1.txt and CC_2.txt to your reply.


N.B. no need to attach CC_3.txt or CC_4.txt,

but it might be useful to know if the disappearing phantoms only appear on the first launch of CCleaner,

or if they reappear when CCleaner is closed and relaunched.



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