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Empty Unlocked PDF File by the PDF Unlocker ?

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I did mistakenly post (with no response!) my question on the "Unlocker Rating" site and also as a "Comment" to the Developer, not realizing that there's a community Forum.


1) I've downloaded and installed the Freeware PDF Unlocker 1.0.4 by Softonic:



2) Two shortcut icons were created on the desktop:

.....Drop EPS here

.....PNG out


.....PDF unlocker

.....drop PDF files



3) I dragged a locked Test.PDF file (106 KB) onto the 2nd icon. A dos window temporarily opened and closed.


4) The unlocked file Test_noPW.PDF (3 KB) was created in the same folder as Test.PDF, but the unlocked file is empty!!

I tried different locked files, same end result of "empty" unlocked files!


5) What did I do wrong ?? and where did the contents of the file go ??

(Win XP SP3, Adobe Reader 9.3.3)


Thank you kindly for your advice and help.


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Wrong site and forum for help or bug reporting since that isn't a Piriform product. Just Google the correct site.


I'm awfully sorry for the mix-up.

Don't know how my question got here.

Will try to remove it later.

My apology.



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