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Advice on security.


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I have McAfee Internet security and I have to renew my subscription next month.

I plan to replace it with Avast or Avira Antivirus and use the Windows Firewall which,at the moment is switched off.

I also have Spybot,SuperAntiSpyware,and Malwarebytes' Antimalware on my Dell PC.

Given that my knowledge, of computers, is pretty basic am I likely to have any problems deleting McAfee and do I need the McAfee removal tool for this process? I assume there is one!

Any advice (tips) gratefully received.

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Also before installing your new choice of security software, it's a good idea to reboot twice after uninstalling any security software.


This is because Windows just disables the drivers on first reboot and uninstalls them on the second.


Applies mainly to firewalls and security software.

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As a happy long term user of Avast, I'd happily recommend it. There are probably a large number of users who would also recommend Avira, and quite a few that would recommend MSE, and maybe even a few that would recommend AVG.


Why don't you try each of those you are interested in for, say, two weeks each, have a look at the help forums for each, cross-check the machine from time to time with MBAM, and then settle on the AV you find overall best.

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