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It occurs to me that as programs become more advanced, more basic features are being left out.

I'm speaking generally of course, but one simple feature missing in CCleaner would greatly help

newbie users understand what they are doing. I'm talking about a tooltip.

I think future versions of CCleaner should identify what options do what, ex.: Clipboard

If the user pauses over this option, a tooltip should indicate that the Clipboard keeps track of items that are copied for pasting.

This would allow users to make educated decisions on what they are doing without costly mistakes.


Secondly, I'm having difficulty wiping the Adobe Flash Player History. It may be an isolated incident, but CCleaner does not clean my XP's Flash Player History.

Another idea: CCleaner could also use an Auto-Detect Plug-in feature the same way that Webroot?s Window Washer does.


In any case regardless whether or not these ideas are used, CCleaner is a good utility!

Great job guys!


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I like the tooltip idea, and it's the first time I've personally seen that one mentioned.


As you say it would be a great asset for new users. I've found tooltips very useful myself on other software.

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