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clean %windir%\$NTUninstall* folders

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I read on the recent WindowsSecrets newsletter:


"Take out the trash ? all of it. Needless file clutter makes a system harder to use and slower to operate. For example, AV scans and Windows' indexing both take longer when they have many junk files to process.


Start by deleting old $NtUninstall{xxx}$ files from XP's C:\Windows folder; these files can occupy a shocking amount of space! You need these files only when a Windows Update fails and you (or the OS) have to roll back your system. If your system is working fine, $NtUninstall files serve no purpose."


So far I have in my winsys2.ini:


[Empty WU Rollbacks]







Is this correct? I'd like to remove the contents of each folder and the folder itself - just not sure if CCleaner will handfe multi/unknown folder names correctly?


the quote about needing the files if an update goes wrong brings about another question. Is it possible to do a custom warning message like there is already for Windows > Advanced settings for CCleaner?


thank you in advance

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Problem is not all of those folders are completely safe to remove.

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other than on XP microsoft does not want you to delete Windows update folders, it needs them when it reupdates those files,


as was stated by Andavari above.

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