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mr don

Recuva is wonderfully easy to use, but...

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Recuva is easy to use & does a good job on what it can find.

I have encountered drives that were in the process of transferring data to another when it would lock up! Nothing you can do but power off the computer & power it back on.

When this happened, the drive would be in "RAW" mode instead of NTFS/FAT32/etc...



Currently, Recuva offers no way to see this "blank" or "RAW" mode drive, even though all the data is still there!

In fact, Windows shows it as a drive that "needs formatting".



Any way to add detection of blank/raw mode drives & let user's recover from them?

Under NTFS, perhaps offer the ability to restore the 2cd good copy of the MFT so the drive letter returns & it becomes visible to Recuva.



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